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Amendment passes to drop teacher residency requirement

(WMC-TV) - Memphis City School employees may not have to move to Shelby County after all.

The Shelby County Commission passed an amendment that could change the residency requirement.

In an unexpected twist, two commissioners proposed changing the plan and eliminating the residency rules altogether.

That means it will now be another two weeks before Shelby County commissioners vote on whether Memphis City Schools employees living outside Shelby County have to move into the county in order to keep their jobs.

Commissioners Steve Basar and Justin Ford introduced the amendment Monday eliminating the proposed five year grace period for MCS employees.

"I firmly believe the best government is the one that governs the least. I don't think its our business to tell people where they have to live," said Commissioner Steve Basar.

MCS Teachers like Brian Davis spoke to the commission Monday afternoon.

Davis lives in Southaven.

"For those that want to not grandfather in... ...You're basically asking for us to decide between our ministry, which God has called us to, and the home that God provided for us," said Davis.

Some teachers would welcome the elimination of the residency requirement all together.

"We have broken no laws but have been made to feel like we've done something wrong because we chose to live somewhere else. That's my freedom guaranteed to me by the Constitution of the United States," said MCS teacher Lynette Faure, who lives in Oakland.

If this new amendment passes, all MCS employees would be grandfathered in if you were hired before it's passage.

County commissioners will take a final vote on this new amendment in two weeks.

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