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Ask Andy: AT&T and the TRA Inspection Fee

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(WMC TV) - We'll call him "Keith." He's from Covington, TN.

He wants an answer from AT&T, and he wants it now.

"My latest phone bill has a new ($1.99) fee on it: 'Tennessee Regulatory Authority Inspection Fee,'" he wrote in his e-mail. "I called AT&T, but did not get a good answer from them."

You won't get any answer from them, Keith. At least we couldn't.

But I know what the fee is -- and I know AT&T is the only carrier charging it.

The Tennessee Regulatory Authority is the state's telecommunications regulator. The fee, allowed under state law, is an optional monthly fee AT&T and other carriers may levy on their customers in order to recoup the costs of TRA inspections of carriers' lines, services, equipment, etc.

"AT&T plans to assess the fee only this year twice, but it reserves the right to exercise the option in subsequent years," said TRA spokesperson Greg Mitchell. "Any utility company may exercise the option according to the statute.

"Typically, companies will advise us in advance of assessing the fee, but we are not aware of others assessing the fee at this time."

"AT&T has no additional comment," said Cathy Lewandowski, AT&T's Corporate Communications spokesperson.

The only phone company levying the fee has no comment. Hmmm....

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