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MY TURN: Super-sized soft drinks

(WMC-TV) - Talk about misplaced priorities.

Mississippi's governor this week signed a new law that prohibits cities and counties from banning super-size soft drinks or placing restrictions on portion sizes.

Mississippi lawmakers called it the "anti-Bloomberg" bill, a poke at New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who tried to prohibit the sale of giant sodas.

Many of us believe that Bloomberg was overreaching, but at least his heart was in the right place. He cares about the children who live in his city who are developing poor dietary habits that will stay with them for life.

Contrast that with the Mississippi leaders who would rather waste their time attacking Bloomberg than dealing with the very real problems that go along with being the most obese state in the entire nation.

Medical experts believe that for the first time in history, the next generation will not live longer than their parents, and they blame poor dietary habits. Mississippi lawmakers need to think more about what's really important for their constituents.

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