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Andy's Got Your Back on mailbox theft

(WMC TV) - If you are mailing your bills from your home mailbox, you're just asking for identity theft.

Ask Barbara Antrim.

"First, you can't believe it," she said. "Then you feel violated because people are taking things that don't belong to them."

Postal inspectors said Antrim is one of 30 victims of the same identity theft scheme. The suspects took her mail out of her home mailbox, stealing credit card information and routing numbers from the checks she was mailing to pay her bills.

"We got a call from Macy's," she said. "And Macy's wanted to know if we had been making big purchases over the Internet. We had not."

Inspectors eventually traced the thefts to Robert Daniels. Photos from inspectors' search of his home revealed Daniels and several accomplices stole personal information and checks from the victims' mailboxes.

"Mr. Daniels would accompany several young women along to cash checks at various check cashing places and stores to buy goods," said U.S. Postal Inspector J.J. De St Jean.

It's unclear how Daniels was able to cash the checks he and his accomplices stole -- or whether he used the information to manufacture counterfeit checks.

Do not mail your bills from your home mailbox. Take them directly to your post office and mail them from there, no matter what the inconvenience.

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