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Officer Lang's family talks about custody war

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(WMC-TV) - It has been more than three months since Memphis police officer Martoiya Lang was shot and killed in the line of duty.

For the first time, her family is able to share their story as they fight for custody of Lang's four daughters.

Neicy Moore says the pain has been endless since a shooting took her cousin's life last December.

"It has not been easy," she said. "As soon as the death, then there's Christmas, then that's when the whole custody thing started, so it's been kind of rough."

Moore says the citizens of Memphis have been the family's solace.

"We do thank the city for the support and the community for being there for the girls and for the mother and all of us as a family as a whole," she said.

Lang's estranged husband, Darius, who fathered three of the four girls, is fighting to gain custody of all four children over Lang's mother, Vivian Woods-Taylor.

Right now, the girls are staying in different homes.

"The older girls have to share their memories and the story of their mother with the youngest girl because she's just two," explained Moore. "So there are a lot of things she won't remember as she grows older, but there's a lot she remembers just to be two."

The family asks that you keep the girls and Lang's mother in your prayers.

"No one can really replace Martoiya for the girls. What we can do is do our best to remember her and carry on her legacy," said Moore.

Several witnesses, including friends, family, and undercover officers are taking the stand in the case.

The judge, who is retiring soon, says they will stay inside this courtroom for as long as it takes to reach a ruling.

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