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Ministers urge community to ignore KKK rally

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(WMC-TV) - Don't show up. That is how Memphis ministers say the community can stop this weekend's KKK rally from being successful.

The group of clergy members represent some of the most powerful churches in the city. Now, they are turning that power on the Ku Klux Klan.

"Groups that try to foster hatred, they are like a cassette tape. They are out of date, they are ancient history and they're really irrelevant," said Pastor Tom Lindberg, First Assembly Memphis.

At a news conference Wednesday, ministers said the best way to defeat a rally of hate is to ignore it.

"As it related to the rally we've made a choice not to protest or highlight it, we want to play it down as much as possible," said Pastor Roosevelt Joyner, Koinonia Baptist Church.

Ministers say what is relevant will be the message that avoiding the klan's rally will send instead.

"And we understand they will show up and there will be a presence but it's the way we react to that presence," said Reverend Ralph White, Bloomfield Baptist Church.

Ministers say when the Klan rallies downtown on Easter, avoid it and go in the other direction.

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