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Consumer Reports: how to save on TV, Internet & phone

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(WMC TV) - To save on TV, Internet and phone bills, many people get all three services from the same company. Those bundles or "triple plays" get you steep discounts, but only for a limited time. 

Then bills often shoot up.

But Consumer Reports said there are ways to save.

Consumer Reports' annual survey of subscribers shows 44 percent of those who bargained got up to $50 a month off their bill, and seven percent got an even bigger discount.

If you use your cell phone more than your home phone, some companies are letting you 
make a triple play with your cell phone instead of a land line. If you want to keep 
both, several major providers are offering "quad plays" that let you add your cell-phone 
service, too.

So don't stick with the plan you've always had. Explore new options. Your situation 
changes, and you might be paying for services you don't even use all that much. 

Consumer Reports said if you fail to get what you want from the regular customer-service representative, ask to speak with the customer retention department. Its staff may be more willing to negotiate, as long as you are an existing subscriber with an excellent pay history.

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