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Andy's Got Your Back on a gift card recruiting scam

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(WMC TV) - Win a $500 gas gift card! Just pay $79.95 up front!

Sounds like a scam. That's because it is.

Not only is it a scam, but it is also a tool to recruit more scam artists, according to postal inspectors. An unknown suspect is mailing it to homes nationwide.

Inspectors said if you send in the $79.95, you won't receive a gift card. Instead, you'll receive a blueprint on how to place ads for the exact same offer without having to produce a gift card.

In other words, how YOU can rip off someone just like YOU were ripped off.

Despite the obvious nature of this scam, inspectors said victims by the droves are coughing up the $79.95 for the fictitious gift card.

"A $79.95 dollar payment for a $500 gift card sounds really great to people," said an undercover inspector.

Too great.

C'mon, people! An unsolicited offer for anything that requests money up-front is a scam, each and every time. No exceptions!

If you are solicited by this scam, report it immediately to

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