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Andy's Got Your Back on a scam that got the scam artist killed

(WMC TV) - An identity thief, whom postal inspectors requested we not identify, died while in the pursuit of the perfect body on somebody else's dime.

Inspectors said she stole another woman's personal information from the woman's home mailbox.

"She stole the victim's info which had been in the mail, and she went ahead and contracted various creditors," said U.S. Postal Inspector Ivan Ramirez.

Ramirez said the thief then went on a spending spree:  furniture, clothes and one very unusual purchase.

"She actually went to a doctor, a medical facility, where she actually charged over $9,000 worth of cosmetic surgery," said Ramirez.

The victim's credit paid for everything. But our greedy thief wanted more.

She took her victim's stolen credit information to what's called a "pumping party."

"They would get together at hotels with an unlicensed physician who would pump these customers full of silicone," Ramirez said.

The thief's greed and vanity got her killed.

The unlicensed doctor was using silicone that came from a home improvement store, according to the investigation. It poisoned the identity thief to death.

Her victim's credit died with her.

In fact, the victim's still trying to clean up her credit -- all because she had been mailing her bills with all of her personal information right out of her home mailbox.
Always take your bills to your post office and drop them off inside for mailing. Only mail correspondence from your personal mailbox.

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