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Custody battle over fallen officer's daughters continues


(WMC-TV) - The custody battle over fallen Memphis Police Officer Martoiya Lang's four children continues Wednesday. Lang's mother, Vivian Taylor, and Lang's estranged husband, Darius Lang, are fighting one another for custody of Lang's daughters.

Monday, allegations of abuse at the hands of the fallen officer's estranged husband emerged.

Darius Lang is the father of the three older girls, who range in age from 2 to 14.

The attorney for Lang's mother put his last three witnesses on the stand Monday.

The first witness was Lang's sister, Britneishia Marzette, who described numerous incidents of abuse by Darius Lang. She detailed one incident in which Darius allegedly tried to run her, Martoiya, and the children off of the road.

"She said, 'Darius, stop, stop. I've got the kids in the car. Stop.' And he kept trying to run us off the road," Marzette explained.

Lang's live-in boyfriend then testified that Darius tried to cut a deal.

"He said he'll take Darian, Taylour and Naiya. You take Xaria and we'll split the money," said Chauncey Smith.

Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams testified that none of the items police sent to the kids, like clothing and computers, made it to them.

"Their grandmother had shown it to them, but she didn't give it to them anything," said Williams.

Lang's mother, Vivian Taylor, said she did not need the help. She recalled when she had to tell the children their mother died.

"I could hear Naiya screaming and they were crying about their mom and they got in a huddle and everybody just hugged them," said Taylor.

She also recalled a threat by Darius Lang.

"He stated if he couldn't stay in the house, he would burn the house down with her and the children while they slept," Taylor said.

Martoiya Lang's cousin, Neicy Moore, says everyone just wants closure.

"Just ready for it to be over and for the girls to be together," she said. "The concern is that the oldest three be able to spend time with the youngest one even though they do have different fathers."

Moore says the girls need consistency.

"The one it affects the most is the baby because she's used to a pattern. She's used to waking up with her sisters, when they're out of school coming home, playing, and they don't have that," said Moore.

Two-year-old Xaria Lang still cannot comprehend what happened.

"A lot of times she'll wake up and ask for them. She asks for her mom and you have to explain she's in heaven," Moore added.

Martoiya Lang died last December while serving a drug warrant.

Since then, a substantial trust fund has been set up for the children.

The judge delayed his retirement Friday to finish the case.  It will resume Wednesday.

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