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Ask Andy: faster credit repair

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(WMC TV) - The next time you discover a goof on your credit report, don't call the three credit bureaus first.

John Ulzheimer, president of consumer education for, told consumer resource magazine Bottom Line Secrets consumers should first call the creditor who erroneously reported the mark in the first place.

Calling the creditor first puts the onus on it to fix the mistake. Call its customer service department or customer retention department. Ulzheimer said by law, they must investigate a credit report complaint. If they are able to verify the mistake, he said they must correct it with all three credit bureaus within 30 days.

Ulzheimer suggested these examples of what to say:

"The credit report listing says that I was late with a payment, but my bank account statement shows I always paid on time."

"It's true that I was behind on the loan, but I'm now current on it, and my credit report should be updated to reflect this."

Then follow up that call with a certified letter, return receipt-requested, to the creditor. That means you must get a good mailing address where someone will sign off on the receipt.

Call the creditor again to follow up the letter.
Then, and only then, should you call the three credit bureaus -- Experian, Equifax and TransUnion -- to dispute the mistake.

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