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"5 Listens" comes to Binghampton

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(WMC-TV) – Action News 5 viewers filled the First Baptist Church on Broad in Binghampton to voice their concerns and comments for 5 Listens.

People here have pride in where they live, and they want everyone to know the good things happening here.

They say wherever two or three are gathered, positive conversation and feedback come together…come together inside First Baptist Church on Broad.

"And you see this is something that's positive."

"We as black people are very proud of our neighborhoods."

Attendees shared stories about their home, Binghampton, a home they are proud of and want to see in a more positive light.

"We might have a higher crime rate, but we also have an excellent group of people that are doing great things and so we need to see that."

Neighborhood leaders challenged everyone to look beyond the crime.  One woman added that increasing home ownership over rentals will increase pride.

"Because you're giving them something to say hey, let's fix something, let's get out there and build that garden, let's do something in our community because now we own this house." 

Ideas like these that call for action from the community and the media.

"Here are about 20 percent of thugs to get more attention than those young people who are excelling."

Excelling, exactly what everyone hoped to share tonight.

"There's a lot even in the poor communities where the students are projecting"

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