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Local wrestlers hope their sport can stay in the Olympic Games

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(WMC-TV) - It is one of the earliest Olympic sports and now it could get tossed.

Wrestlers around the world have found a fight they are struggling to win. Keeping wrestling in the Olympics.

Two wrestlers from Arlington High School are worried now that the International Olympic Committee recommended the sport be dropped from the 2020 games so that a new sport could be added.

"It's the only thing we have after college is the olympics. We don't have professional wrestling, so if you get rid of that it will die out in college then in high school," said Tyler Whitworth, Arlington High School senior.

"It's hard work. It's something people train their whole entire lives to do it and then when they take it away, you are crushing so many kids dreams," agreed Cameron Hall.

The irony is that wrestling is one of the oldest Olympic sports.

"It's one of the oldest sports literally, in history. It's one of the founding sports of the Olympics. I don't see how you can take that out. It just doesn't make sense to me," added Hall.

These seniors are busy getting accolades for their prep wrestling careers, but are keeping their eye on the decision with international impact.

The final decision about which sports will be played in 2020 will be made by the full IOC membership at its assembly in September.

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