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MY TURN: Teacher residency requirements

(WMC-TV) - Let's applaud the Shelby County Commission for their vote this week that waiving the county's residency requirement for Memphis City Schools employees who are now becoming part of the new unified school system.

This vote was certainly the right thing to do for these people because it would have been very unfair to force them to uproot their families because of the merger.

Now, of course, it's unfair to the other Shelby County employees that their new coworkers are allowed to live outside the county and they are not. And that gets to the heart of why we should not have these residency rules at all.

They will never be fair as we learned that more than 150 Shelby County employees have been living outside the county for years, many of them with approval from their bosses.

When there is a job open in government, our goal should be to attract the best employee. Case in point, the best teacher will mean better schools and better schools will make more people want to live in Shelby County.

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