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Tax refund theft victim has warning for others

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis woman is upset and searching for her money after she says she was scammed by someone who offered to prepare her taxes.

The woman did not want to appear on camera for the safety of her personal information, but she has a warning for anyone who may have had their taxes done at a business on Kirby Road.

"I gave them my W-2 and thought everything was fine," she said.

But everything was not fine after a Memphis woman left her taxes in the hands of Tax USA on Kirby Road.

She asked not to be identified because the tax preparer has all of her personal information, but she did not receive her $1,700 tax refund and the business is now closed.

"I don't really have any money now. I was kind of counting on it to finish paying my bills for this month," she said.

The refund was supposed to be loaded onto a prepaid VISA card. But the card she received would not activate.

"My refund has gone somewhere. I checked the Where's My Refund. It's been sent to some bank but it hasn't been sent to me," she added.

Her tax return indicates that she went to a college in St. Louis, which increased the refund. But the problem is, she had never been to college and she told the tax preparer that.

"I called like all the numbers on their business cards, the number on the building, and nobody will answer me," she said.

People in neighboring businesses say they have seen people coming and going from the office in the past few days but they say it has not been open for business in weeks.

This customer is hoping the IRS can track down her money. In the meantime, she has a warning for others waiting on a refund.

"If you got your taxes done here, just check that everything is OK. If you didn't get your money back, you're probably not going to get it back."

Action News 5's Anna Marie Hartman spoke to one of the tax preparers who told me the office has closed because business was slow but he could not answer questions about refund status. He referred her to the owner, who has not yet returned the call.

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