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Local students prep for ACT exam

(WMC-TV) - Thousands of students will take the ACT this weekend. It is the most widely taken college entrance exam and it is critical for acceptance.

Kaplan Test Prep is a company that helps prepare students for the big test.

Whitehaven alumnae and former Cory Middle School teacher Vanessa Peterson is now working for Kaplan and is offering advice for teens taking the exam this weekend.

"Memphis City Schools such a stellar point in terms of within my life and preparing me for education and academics," said Peterson. "What we've learned from working with Memphis City School students is that the more familiar they are with the test, the more confident they are on test day."

She added, "Time management is key for preparing for the test."

The test she is talking about the ACT, a timed exam that focuses on various areas like English, math, reading, science, and an optional essay portion.

Peterson says being familiar with the ACT leads to confidence and success. But there are do's and don'ts for the night before the exam.

"Do not cram couple of days before the night before, spend time with family," said Peterson. "Do something relaxing so that you are not stressed or overwhelmed the day of the test."

It is more competitive than ever to be admitted into colleges and universities, so ACT success is key.

  • Here are some more suggestions for test takers this Saturday:
  • Practice. Make sure your very familiar with the test.
  • Know exactly where the test center is located.

There is no penalty for a wrong answer so if you really do not know the answer, guess. Do not leave it blank.

"A lot of students have prepared. we've been working with Memphis City schools the last three years, so it is a phenomenal opportunity for us to see students get more and more excited more and more comfortable with the test prep process," explained Peterson.

You can review some of these free tips and suggestions on the Kaplan Test Prep website, click here: www.kaptest.com/ACT

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