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Health inspection changes coming to Memphis

(WMC-TV) - New rules for Tennessee health inspections could make Andy's Restaurant Scorecard even better.

Two major things the new restaurant health inspection rules in Tennessee will accomplish are accuracy and fairness.

Inspectors will spend less time dinging restaurants for things like dirty ceiling tiles, dented cans, and unlabeled spray bottles and give more weighted attention to violations that truly affect food safety.

Inspectors will focus even more on food temperatures, sink leaks that lend themselves to damp environments that breed insects, food storage in both the walk-in and drawer coolers and things that directly impact food spoilage, contamination, and food-borne illnesses.

The score you see on the health inspection at the restaurant and on Andy's Restaurant Scorecard will, as a result, be a truer grade of that establishment.

For example, a "97" will be even more impressive because that restaurant really nailed its food storage and prep practices.

On the flip side, when a restaurant fails under the new rules, it will fail primarily due to food safety lapses and it will have to go a long way to earn your trust.

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