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Shooting that killed teen detailed at officer's hearing

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Terrance Shaw Terrance Shaw
Justin Thompson Justin Thompson

(WMC-TV) - Details about what led to the shooting of 15-year-old Justin Thompson are being revealed in a document brought to light during a former MPD officer's administrative hearing.

Officer Terrance Shaw shot and killed the teenager last year. He has since resigned from the police force.

A narrative from his hearing explains the ex-officers side of the story. It is six pages long.

In the personnel file, Shaw says he met Thompson one month prior when he saw the teen begging for money outside a convenience store. Shaw said he decided to help Thompson with meals and a little cash as best he could.

The former officer said Thompson told him he was an 18-year-old high school kid in an unstable situation at home that rendered him practically "homeless".

They traded cell phone numbers.

On September 24, Thompson asked Shaw to meet him but was not where he said he was going to be.

Shaw found him at this house on Wooddale, which was vacant at the time.

Thompson asked him to pull into the carport, but Shaw declined because there was a stranger lingering in the carport.

The teen then asked for a ride to the store and got in Shaw's car but soon asked Shaw to take him to the vacant house.

Shaw says when Thompson stepped out of the car, Thompson pulled a pistol and demanded everything Shaw had on him.

That is when Shaw said he reached behind his seat for his service weapon and pulled the trigger. Thompson ran away and Shaw drove away.

Shaw says he called 911 to report he had been robbed and thought he had shot someone. He did not identify himself as a police officer on the 911 call. The call then disconnected.

Dispatchers could not get him back on the phone for another four minutes, at which point he again did not identify himself.

Shaw says he never told Thompson he was a police officer and that he did not know much about the teen nor did he verify anything he was told.

While no criminal charges have been filed, MPD administrators say Shaw's interaction with Thompson showed a lack in judgement when "a reasonably prudent officer should have known that this was a potential recipe for disaster".

Administrators say Shaw's actions adversely influenced public perception.

Shaw said his 4-year-old goddaughter asked him if he was going to "kill her".

Before his administrative hearing even ended, Shaw turned in this handwritten resignation.

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