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Mayor Davis' summary judgment denied

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(WMC-TV) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis showed up in Jackson, Mississippi hoping the judge would agree that he did not do anything wrong.

Davis and his attorney hoped a judge would agree that the mayor did follow city policy when he was reimbursed for city expenses.

"He doesn't say receipts have to be provided. There were documents provided by Mayor Davis," said his attorney, Mike Heilman. He also told the judge Davis was not required to submit receipts.

The state said all of the details need to be fleshed out in a trial. The judge agreed to that, even though he told attorneys on both sides in January to work it out.

The judge also denied Davis' request to throw out part of the thousands of dollars the state auditor says he owes.

"We filed a motion to limit some of the issues and simplify the trial the court wants to hear the whole case. That happens from time to time in cases," said Heilman.

Greg Davis stood next to his attorney and did not comment.

Heilman continued, "The court always does a job in these cases and so I certainly he wants to hear the full. I certainly respect that and appreciate that."

Mississippi State Auditor Stacey Pickering sued Davis in an effort to recover more than $150,000 in what Pickering maintains Davis owes for personal expenses Southaven reimbursed Davis.

Pickering hired private attorney Skip Jernigan, who was assisting state attorney Melissa Patterson Wednesday.

"He hired outside counsel to assist the attorney general. I was just sitting there as a consultant," said Jernigan.

With the receipts Davis submitted and the $96,000 he paid back, it is not clear exactly what Davis still owes but Pickering maintains it is $70,000.

Davis' trial is scheduled for mid-May in Jackson.

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