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Judge meets exclusively with Lang's daughters

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(WMC-TV) - The custody battle over fallen Memphis police officer Martoiya Lang's children took a turn Wednesday, when the judge met with the daughters behind closed doors.

Lang's estranged husband, Darius, and mother, Vivian Taylor, are fighting one another for custody.

The media was banned from the courtroom when the children arrived, but in the hallway the girls could be heard screaming at one another and crying.

It is not public knowledge what they talked about.

The judge did allow the camera to roll when Darius Lang's cousin Candace Brock took the stand.

She said he is a good dad, and she had only heard that he beat his wife and had been in physical altercations with his own dad and brother.

None of the questioning has centered on the $800,000 the children will receive from their mother's death benefit combined with money the community raised.

The testimony became emotional when Brock spoke of the third child, Naia, who is no longer close to her dad's family.

"I just hate the fact that Naia has already lost her mom, and I don't want to see her lose her dad also. So I feel that she does need to listen. Like this family has already been through so much. They lost their grandmother in 2011 and their mom in 2012. Don't lose your father in 2013," she said.

From testimony of others, it appears the eldest two Lang daughters want to be with their father. Naia wants to be with her grandmother.

Paternity of toddler is unclear.

The dilemma is everyone wants all the children to stay together.

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