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5 Listens tour stops in Hickory Hill

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5 Listens tour stops in Hickory Hill

(WMC-TV) – Residents of Hickory Hill shared their passion for their community at our 5 Listens tour.

A crowd gathered at New Direction Christian Church and Action News 5 listened to concerns about leadership, accountability, and a reoccurring sense of pride and hope.

‘Real' was a common theme Thursday night: real people stepping up to the microphone, telling us their concerns.

"I'm about keeping it real."

"Much of our problems are related to ignorance."

"There is nothing here to engage these children, so if we don't engage these children, what's gonna happen, they're gonna start getting into this stuff."

Hickory Hill asked for more positive stories.

"I have had it up to here with the negative news."

"Feature a neighborhood every week, say how you gonna go to this neighborhood and clean it up."

"I want to see stories how we can encourage our young people about how they can get a good job. "

Even a suggestion from 11-year-old Senin Porter.

"There are a lot of positive things in Memphis," said Porter, "and I was wondering if you don't know what it is, could you cover it."

Bottom line, people in this community were asking for action, from us and from each other.

"If we don't solve our problems in Memphis, then we are not achieving what we need to do for the city of Memphis."

Another common issue: neighbors say there is a trash problem in the area, and they're tired of it.  They are also concerned about the pot holes in the streets.

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