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Jury deliberates at McKinney's retrial

Timothy McKinney Timothy McKinney

(WMC-TV) - The jury is deliberating the newest retrial in a Memphis murder case.

Prosecutors say eyewitnesses identified Timothy McKinney as the man who killed Memphis Police officer Don Williams early morning December 26, 1997.

They say McKinney sped away from the scene, changed clothes, hid his car, and took off the license plate.

"At three in the morning he doesn't know somebody is looking for him except one way. Because he's the one who killed him," said prosecutor Tom Henderson in his closing argument.

"That's why he's hiding at three in the morning. That's why he's backing into the grass. That's why he's taking the license plate off because he knows he killed that man; shot him in the back."

Defense attorney Gerald Skahan argued that McKinney is not guilty.

"And the law says you must acquit. Whether you want to or not."

The defense team argues McKinney merely hid because he was scared, not because he pulled the trigger.

Although eyewitnesses identify McKinney as the killer, the defense says their testimony has changed over the past 16 years.

"It's your job to determine why all of a sudden witnesses began to change their descriptions from all black ... to this," said Skahan," said Skahan. "Because they know their case is garbage."

McKinney was on death row until a 1999 conviction was overturned.

If convicted again, it's possible he'd return to death row.

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