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Students accused of poisoning teacher with hand sanitizer


Some students in the Northland are in big trouble for what they're accused of putting in their teacher's water.

It's being described as prank gone bad that has all the students talking.

Police said last Friday a teacher was nearly poisoned after someone slipped hand sanitizer into her drink at Eastgate Middle School of Northeast Parvin Road.

The school district isn't talking, but students at the school said two seventh-graders were suspended Monday after the principal was able to figure out who was behind the incident.

"I guess they didn't think it was something that was going to hurt her. It's probably something that was just a joke," seventh-grader Sophie Sananikonie said.

Police said the teacher came back from hall duty Friday and took a sip of her water, which she leaves on her desk, and immediately noticed something was off.

Another person who was in the classroom reportedly told her a group of students was seen tampering with her drink.

Students said the communication arts teacher is OK and has been at school the last few days.

Parents who spoke to KCTV5 News weren't laughing.

"That could be a death. You can't play with people's drinks," said Alain Bouzi, whose daughter is in eighth grade at the school.

Bouzi said kids that age should know better and hopes the students learned a valuable lesson. He said if it was his daughter, she would get a harsh punishment.

"She would be in deep trouble. I mean deep, deep trouble," Bouzi said.

A toxicologist said this prank could have ended up causing serious medical problems for the teacher.

"These are really concentrated forms of alcohol, and it doesn't take much to get one intoxicated or event to the point where they could have serious problems with the amount of alcohol in their body," explained Dr. Stephen Thornton of the University of Kansas Hospital's Poison Control Center.

To compare it to a drink someone could buy at a bar, most hand sanitizers are 120 to 150 proof. Beers usually range from six to 20 proof and spirits usually range from 40 to 140 proof.

If anyone is around anyone who ingests hand sanitizer, they should call poison control immediately.

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