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Husband of missing teacher denies involvement in disappearance


The husband of missing a teacher and mother is denying any involvement in her disappearance.

Chris Jones showed up in divorce court where a hearing was scheduled between he and his wife, Heather Palumbo-Jones. She was reported missing Monday.

Jones told Action News 5 he has no idea where his wife could be.

"What happened to her?" asked Andrew Douglas.

Jones responded, "That's a good question."

"Did you have anything to do with her disappearance?"

"Absolutely not!" Jones answered.

Heather Palumbo Jones is a teacher and mother of two. She filed for divorce in January from her husband Chris Jones. Later that month Heather also took out an order of protection against her husband.

"You had a protection order against you, can you explain why?" asked Douglas.

"There was a power struggle over a cellular device and it involved invading my privacy and in the grips of both of us having our hands on that device at the same time, our leverage gave way and we both fell to the ground and that was the end of it," Jones said.

"That sounds a little odd," said Douglas.

In which Jones replied, "Two people grabbing one object, struggling over it, and then they lose balance together, it's not."

In court, Chris Jones' attorney wanted to be off the case. That was granted. Chris Jones is now representing himself.

"We had irreconcilable differences. It was difficult to communicate," said Jones' former attorney, William Jones IV (no relation).

The judge also ordered a mental evaluation for Chris Jones and Heather Palumbo-Jones if and when she turns back up

Chris Jones says the couple's two children are staying with their Godmother.

Friday, Jones was served with an order of protection to stay away from the children. In other words, he has to stay away from the Godmother, her family, and his own children.

In the 2015 trial to determine whether Chris Jones is guilty of killing Heather Palumbo-Jones, the jury asked to watch the video from this WMC Action News 5 interview again.

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