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Bostonians with local ties live in fear

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(WMC-TV) – As the eyes of the world turned toward Boston, people who live in and around the city found themselves locked away from the world.

Authorities advised Bostonians and suburbanites to remain in their homes. All public transit was shut down. Schools and businesses were shuttered as law enforcement officers searched for bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev.

Native Memphian Edverette Brewster, who has lived in Boston for two years now, spent his day inside, glued to the television.

"So, Boston Public schools canceled everything for today," Brewster, a middle school English teacher, said." There's no MBTA running, there are no cabs running..."

Brewster said he's seen a noticeable increase in police activity since the marathon bombings.

"Everywhere you go, there's like a police officer...Like literally on every corner, you either see flashing lights..or they actually have more police presence throughout the city."

Dr. Jordana Phillips was completely unaware of last night's violent events. She carried on with her normal morning routines, only to find out the terrifying and confusing details afterwards -- with her 2 year old daughter in tow.

"When I drove up to her daycare this morning...I saw that it was closed," Phillips, who has family in Memphis, said." "I found out only in the car that this guy's brother had been taken to Beth Israel Medical Center... which is the hospital that I work at."

"I really was just terrified because I didn't really know anything about what was happening...really didn't have all of the information at the time," Phillips said.

Phillips says fear, confusion and sorrow have permeated the area since the bombings on Monday.

"I know that all of us...everybody that I've been speaking to today...just really wants him to be found, so that this can end...and we can all kind of process what's gone on over the past few days."

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