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Memphis comedian refuses to testify in murder trial

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MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A Memphis comedian wanted by police says their criminal claims are a big fat lie.

"I will not turn myself in for something that shouldn't have been on the books in the first place," Lester Bibbs said.

Comedian Lester Bibbs said by phone he never received a subpoena to testify in the third trial for Timothy McKinney for the murder of Memphis police officer Don Williams. 

"He was wearing an ugly sweater," Bibbs testified in 2012.

Defense attorneys wanted Bibbs in court earlier this month because he testified last year in McKinney's second trial that Mckinney was not the man who killed Williams. That trial ended in a mistrial.

Williams was shot and killed in 1997 at Crumpy's Comedy Club where he worked a side job in security.

Bibbs may not have received that second subpoena for the third trial, but according to criminal court records a second subpoena was issued as required by Tennessee state law.

"If a judgment is rendered in the case which is reversed by the Supreme Court or in the case of a mistrial, new subpoenas must be issued," Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk Kevin Key said.

"I'm not that hard to catch up with," said Bibbs.

As for that warrant out for Lester Bibbs arrest.

"If they do come, I'm going to sue. I'm going to sue anyway," he said.

He said he will sue for 250 million dollars.

Timothy Mckinney's third trial also ended in a mistrial. Prosecutors have said they will try him again a fourth time. A spokesperson for the Shelby County Sheriff's Department says Lester Bibbs needs to turn himself in.

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