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Parents outraged over salary offered for new positions amid teacher cuts

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(WMC-TV) - Shelby County School District leaders are getting flack over high salaries posted for the new unified schools' central office.

Because the salaries were posted around the same time that the district announced teacher cuts, it brewed controversy, forcing the district to do a do-over Tuesday.

The district decided to repost the jobs after complaints of a double-standard.

"They never save money. They always cost more," said Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald.

The higher cost of running the merged Memphis and Shelby County schools system is drawing suburban criticism.

Parents are particularly miffed about high executive salaries amid 160 teacher job cuts.

"It just seems like a lot of money is being spent in places other than in the schools for the kids and that's what has a lot of parents and teachers very upset," said concerned parent Audrey Grossman.

Parents bombarded school board members with complaints after the district posted dozens of six-figure executive jobs last week.

"There was something like 72 executive director-ish-type positions posted with salary ranges from $90,000 to $150,000 a year," said Grossman.

The old postings came down over the weekend and the superintendent reposted the job openings showing only the lower range of the salary.

"Apparently, the administration has heard the frustration of a lot of parents and is looking at cutting back on some of that," added Grossman.

Action News 5's Kontji Anthony obtained internal communications Superintendent Dorsey Hopson sent to the school board about the postings:

"While this decision could impact the external applicant pool, it will reduce salaries and other administrative costs."

He went on to say:

"We remain committed to making cuts as far away from the classroom as possible."

In fact, 26 percent of the central office staff will be cut.

Employees from each school system are vying to work in the new central office, but parents do not like the high price.

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