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Ricin investigation focuses on another Tupelo man

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(WMC-TV) – The investigation into ricin attacks on government officials continues in North Mississippi.

FBI agents and other investigators have been searching a Tupelo house since 10 o'clock Tuesday morning. It is the home of a man who blames the attorney for another suspect for giving his name to investigators as the real person who sent poison-laced letters to President Obama and two other people.

"We've had a crowd here pretty much all afternoon ever since I got home," neighbor Dennis Carlock said.

The neighbors are watching FBI agents and other investigators search the Tupelo home of Everett Dutschke. The Tupelo martial arts instructor did interviews while his home was being searched.

"They did a two hour interview with me last Thursday," Dutschke said. "They did a small search."

Dutschke said he gave permission for this second search that started around 9:30 Tuesday morning to clear his name. He said there is nothing criminal in his house.

"There's nothing related to the letters," he said. "No, I don't have there's nothing there."

There were dozens of investigators around the house, many of them wearing protective clothing. He even took photos and sent them to the Associated Press.

Dutschke says they are searching for ricin or anything that could connect him to the poison-laced letters sent to president Obama, a Mississippi U.S. Senator and a Tupelo judge. It is a massive and extensive search.

"I can assure you if there is ricin in the house they are going to find it," Dutschke said. He said they will not find any.

Everett Dutschke has other legal problems. He is out on bond for a child molestation charge. It is not clear how long the investigation will last.

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