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Paul Kevin Curtis talks on TODAY

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(WMC-TV) - Paul Kevin Curtis, who was accused of sending a ricin-laced letter to President Obama and a congressman, is now free after spending nearly a week in jail.

He has quite the story to tell. Thursday morning on NBC's Today Show, flanked by his attorneys, the Corinth, Mississippi man shared what happened to him after he walked out to his driveway on April 17.

"Surrounded real quickly," he said. "It happened in probably three seconds, there were like 20 armed cars and machine guns and hoods and homeland security, FBI. It was unreal."

Curtis claims he spent two days in jail before authorities informed him of the official charges against him. But, he said that did not stop the questioning.

"It was more of an attack, like, 'We know you did it. You know you did it. Don't deny it, you know what you did.' I was completely [dumbfounded]. I didn't know," he said.

When he finally realized he was accused of sending three ricin-laced letters including one to the President, another to a U.S. Senator and a third to the Lee County Judge who presided over a 2004 assault case against him – Curtis was initially confused.

"I'd never heard of ricin. I thought they said rice and I said, 'I don't eat rice... Here's the key to my home, you can go in and search, there's no rice in my house.' They said, 'You know what we're talking about.'"

Curtis believes someone intentionally led authorities to suspect him.

As to the identity of the person he thinks framed him, Curtis said he has a hunch. For now, he will not say who until there is absolute certainty.

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