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Memphis Police Association President responds to Memphis criticism over billboards

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A Los Angeles Times writer blasted the city of Memphis after Thursday night's Grizzlies playoff win.

The article contained choice comments like "I hope you're not planning your next vacation here," meaning Memphis without a bodyguard. The article not only talked about the dangers of Memphis, but also said what a crummy place it is.

"At some point we have to get buck naked honest with each other," said Memphis Police Association President Michael Williams.

"Warning: Enter at your own risk. This city does not support Public Safety," scary billboards put up all over the city read, including entrances to the city like I-55 northbound onto Riverside and at I-55 northbound to E.H. Crump.

The billboards brought national ridicule to the city when an L.A. Times article about the Grizzlies-Clippers game Thursday night, which the Grizz won, talked about the signs calling the city a rat hole and too dangerous to visit.

"The mayor has the ability to stop this tomorrow," Williams said. "I'll take those billboards down tomorrow if in fact we get some resolution, bottom line."

The Memphis Police Association is responsible for the signs, a kind of full court press over pay negotiations. The police association wants a 4.6 percent pay cut from two years ago restored.

The police association is not backing down with even more unrevealed plans, even if it means Memphis is deemed a rat hole by outsiders.

"We may have to suffer for a while that's okay because eventually things will change," Williams said.

We should note this columnist wrote a similar article last year during the playoffs. Most Memphians we spoke with said they are choosing to ignore the billboards, and instead believe in Memphis.

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