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Sarah Simmons has a heart of gold and a voice to match

(WMC-TV) - Can you imagine watching NBC's hit show "The Voice", knowing your 23-year-old daughter is performing in front of millions of people?

That's the unbelievable situation Sarah Simmons' mother is in as her daughter sings her heart out in Los Angeles.

Ask anyone and they'll tell you: Sarah Simmons has a heart of gold and a voice to match.

"I think as people are hearing her sing and hearing her perform they are getting who she is.," her mother, Peggy Jones said. "She's so comfortable on stage but the are feeling the passion she has for what she does and for other people."

When not in LA, Sarah's mother has been watching from her home in Birmingham where Sarah grew up -- before the aspiring singer packed up and moved to Memphis.

She now considers Memphis as one of her homes.

It's the early days in Birmingham singing in musicals, at benefits and church that tipped off her mom to this big talent.

"She is pulling for the other contestants as much as for herself. And I think that speaks volumes," Jones said.

"That is the way she truly feels. She's not out there trying to beat anybody. Sarah is just out there trying to do her thing and be who she is and to love other people."

The world saw that love in action Tuesday night, embracing her competitor after Adam picked her to move on.

Her kind nature is a result of dealing with tragedy and disappointment. She lost friends at a young age and didn't see her dad much as he battled addiction. A relationship now mended.

"Sarah makes men cry. She make grown men cry. People are moved by her performance."

If she's going to go all the way she's going to have to move Americans to vote on her.

"She needs Birmingham. She needs Memphis and needs everybody voting for her and rooting for her."

The knock out rounds will be Monday and Tuesday night on WMC-TV 5 beginning at 7:00 p.m. both nights.

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