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Change in bra size 'saved her life'

(WMC-TV) - Could a change in bra size change your life? A Memphis woman says cosmetic surgery not only improved her appearance, but also improved her health. And her doctor says more women are now going under the knife for a new life.

Roslyn Parks is 60 years old and she feels sexier than ever.

"I texted my daughter and said, 'I'm too sexy for myself,'" laughed Roslyn Parks. "And she just laughed and said, 'Ma, you're just gonna have to get used to that.' I said, 'I guess I'll have to.'"

What Roslyn was used to was excruciating back pain and diabetes.

"My blood sugars are so much better. My blood pressure is better," she said now that she had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck.

Roslyn was originally a size 38-I.

"That's just too much. Nobody can hold that up," she said. "People think they're sooo sexy but they're sooo heavy and they can really get in the way."

Places like A Fitting Place in East Memphis makes bras up to a size N. But now, Rosalyn now wears a double D.

"I can't go from what people have seen me be my entire life, huge breasts, to nothing. I think I would have felt not even like myself," she explained. "They look just like, like I was 20. Want to see them? No, I'm just kidding."

Dr. Dan Shell performed Roslyn's surgery. He says she is part of a growing trend of black women, in particular, taking back their lives through cosmetic surgery.

"Breast lifts, tummy tuck, a lot. I just finished one. Tummy tucks I do frequently on African Americans. Three to one over Caucasians, said Dr. Dan Shell.

Roslyn says the excess fat in her tummy contributed to her diabetes diagnosis.

The oversized breasts caused years of back pain.

Now that the fat is gone, so are some of her health issues.

"My diabetes is better, which is a health reason. My back doesn't hurt anymore," said Roslyn.

Dr. Snell says more black women are picking procedures like Roslyn's because of today's advances in scar prevention.

"They were scared to death of keloids. Which actually we don't see very often with the majority, I see it very rarely. Very rarely after a tummy tuck for instance," explained Dr. Shell.

Roslyn says if she had known 20 years ago she would not only look better but also feel better, she would not have waited until her 60th birthday.

"So I have this hour glass thing going on right now. I'm like, 'How did I get a butt?' But when everything else went away I actually had a butt I didn't know I had," she laughed.

Roslyn says she managed her diabetes with a strict diet and exercise regimen before surgery.

The healing process for diabetics can take longer if the disease is not well controlled first.

You can read about the American Diabetes Association's study on cosmetic surgery and the benefits for diabetics by clicking here:

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