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Officer shot in line of duty up for 'hometown hero'

(WMC-TV) - Olive Branch Police officer Mark Ayers is in the running to be a hometown hero. Just six years ago Ayers was in Atlanta for rehab after being shot in the line of duty in 2006.

"I'm paralyzed from just my upper waist and my chest down. It's just wait and see right now," he said.

Now, he works with Tim Presley in the detective division – but getting to and from work gets difficult in an aging wheelchair friendly van.

"I see how he struggles you know trying to get his van to the shop when it breaks and all that," said Presley.

Fellow officers from around the Mid-South are throwing Ayers' name into a hometown hero contest. Whoever gets the most votes gets a new van.

Even though Ayers still has difficulty getting around, an Internet full of databases allows him to continue to be an asset to the department.

"20 years ago it might have been hard to keep Mark busy," said Presley.

Ayers already has more than 2,000 votes through the contest. Presley said Ayers may not win the van, but the exposure could help find the shooter – who has never been caught.

Click here to vote for Ayers.

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