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Students fear merging rival schools will increase crime

(WMC-TV) - New concerns are being raised by students about Memphis school closures. Students worry that rival schools could merge and it could lead to an increase in violence.

The school system granted Action News 5 a rare interview with MCS Director of Student Engagement Ronald Pope. He wants students to know that MCS is listening and to let parents know that they are working to diffuse the situation.

"If you combine Carver High School and BTW together, which is the plan, it will create more homicides in the City of Memphis than you have ever seen," said Romero Malone, who is a concerned Carver High School student.

Malone warned the school board of the potential fallout if Carver High School closes and those students transfer to Booker T. Washington High School.

"If a dollar bill is more important to you than keeping open the doors and saving students' lives, then I urge you to get out your tablets, your iPads, and pens and shut down Carver High School," said Malone.

"We know we're going to have issues, so we're not going into this blindly," said Pope, who says school administrators have a plan. "Whether it's conflict resolution, anger management, or coming together with a group of people and asking them, 'Why are you feuding with one another?'"

There is also a community engagement plan.

"We're going to be talking to parents, there will be door-to-door contacts with parents," said Pope.

Pope says the best way students can be heard is to go through your school board commissioner.

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