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Prayers go up for Memphis on Nat'l Day of Prayer

(WMC-TV) - Some say prayer changes things. Around the country, many took advantage of the National Day of Prayer to reflect on the positives and the problems here in Memphis, the Mid-South, and the U.S.

Tears rolled down James Russell's cheeks as he prayed Thursday.

"God said He'll make it if we believe and if we pray, He'll open the door," said Russell.

People from all walks of life joined hearts and hands Thursday under a tent at Tiger Lane, which was one of many locations where people gathered on the day specifically set aside for prayer.

"It doesn't matter your skin color or your zip code, love is love," said Memphian Caron Dean-Watkins.

"I think it's a testament to the fact that we all worship one God," added Jordan Frazier, who pastors at Union Avenue Baptist Church.

Those at the prayer station at Tiger Lane prayed for everything, from families and relationships, to those in local, state, and national government.

"So many are broken hearted, so many gang members, young people murdered in our streets and God wants his love back here," said Memphian Mable Crump.

"We're looking for an explosion in this city, for the glory of God to saturate Memphis, Tennessee and our nation and take over like never before," said Yolanda Sutton.

Many gave up one hour of work to show up and join others in prayer.

Memphis Pastor Dirk Martre got up early Thursday morning to stand along East Parkway to wave at drivers and encourage them to stop by.

"He's crossing racial lines and cross pollinating us so what we can be one because He desires us to be one," said Pastor Martre.

Many at the prayer station attend different congregations but say prayer is powerful even for those with faith as small as a mustard seed.

"We need a transformation in this city. Whether you believe it or not, God has given us that answer, that's in prayer," continued Caron Dean-Watkins.

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