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MY TURN: Pre-K funding may be slashed

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(WMC-TV) - There has been a lot of talk in the Mid-South recently about the importance of expanding pre-kindergarten classes.

Research has consistently shown that children from poor families do better in school if they have the benefit of pre-k classes. And so the talk has been about expanding the number of classes that are available, but now the reality in Shelby County is that federally-funded pre-k classes may actually be slashed.

Federal funding cuts are likely to reduce by more than a third the number of poor children who can attend these classes. If this were to happen, it would be a very poor choice on the part of our leaders.

The expenditure of tax dollars on pre-k programs is much more efficient than all the other ways we have to spend tax money if children don't arrive at their elementary schools ready to learn. If federal tax dollars were available to fund these classes, that would be great, but if not, our local leaders need to step up and figure out a way to get this done.

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