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Commissioner's kidney donation partially inspired by 'The Simpsons'

(WMC-TV) - Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy's donated one of his kidneys Tuesday. He had it removed for someone who might need it in the area served by the University of Tennessee Methodist Transplant Institute.

"It's a ripple effect. There's a multiplier effect by doing it this way and so many, many, many lives can be saved," said Mulroy.

Dr. James Eason, the doctor who performed a liver transplant on Steve Jobs, performed Mulroy's surgery.

"We performed two transplants in this hospital. There were six people across the country that got transplants with this starting gift," said Eason.

Mulroy's kidney went to the National Kidney Registry which has a specialized computer program matching donors and recipients nationwide.

His gift sparked a chain of transplants that could result in 28 transplanted kidneys across the country.

Mulroy said his altruistic donation was inspired by "The Simpsons", an inspirational billboard, and a Catholic Priest.

In 2011, Monsignor Val Handwerker from Immaculate Conception donated a kidney to a parishioner in critical need of a transplant.

Mulroy explained his inspiration from "The Simpsons" came from an episode where Homer was checked into a hospital.

"And who's his roommate? His annoyingly friendly neighbor Ned Flanders. And he says, 'Hi diddley, diddley neighbor good to see you.' And Homer asks, 'What are you doing here.' He says, 'Donating a kidney.' Homer asks to who. Flanders says, 'First Come First Serve.'"

There are more than 80,000 people waiting on a kidney. Only 15,000 of those people receive a transplant each year.

Mulroy said he plans to be back on the job Monday in "full argument mode".

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