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Map finds new evidence in Holly Bobo disappearance

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(WMC-TV) - With the help of a new group and a map, there is shocking new evidence in the disappearance of Holly Bobo

"As Holly's mother, I cannot stop looking for my daughter," said Karen Bobo wearing a necklace with her daughter's photo. More photos of Holly Bobo sit on the piano behind her mother.

It has been two long years since Holly, a nursing student, disappeared from the family home in Darden.

"The lack of communication has been a huge problem," said Bobo who is frustrated.

She said TBI investigators are not keeping her up on how the investigation is going.

"I expect respect, professionalism. I know they are not counselors. I just don't think it's too much to ask for information. Where they are on the case," said Bobo.

That frustration with the TBI forced Bobo to team up with a group from Middle Tennessee. They have put together a lot of information including the fact that Holly's phone was discovered in the grass in a culvert. It was found about eight miles from her home by people searching from the Bobo's church.

"They told me they felt like the phone was placed there," said Bobo.

The sim card was removed from the phone discovered about a mile from the phone.

Karen Bobo and her team have put a map together based on hits from Holly's phone. It shows a several mile radius around the Bobo home. A route that went down a road and a turn to where a bridge was out. They drove in circles and stopped for about five minutes, then drove near Interstate 40. Holly's receipt, lunch bag, and phone were discovered with the help of that map.

Holly was about to get in her car on the way to school the day she was abducted. Her brother Clint was at home.

When Clint looked out the window, he saw Holly and her abductor walking up a path and into the woods.

"All I'm trying to do is find my daughter," said Karen.

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