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Memphis musician Sid Selvidge remembered as unique person, great musician

(WMC-TV) - Much like another Mississippi boy with a guitar who moved to Memphis, Sid Selvidge loved the music of the Delta.

"Sid Selvidge was like a really unique person. First of all, he had the most beautiful voice," said Judy Pfizer, Center for Southern Folklore. "I remember as a kid... go and listen to him at small clubs in Memphis, not really knowing much about him but knowing that I loved the music."

The music was the blues, which, back in the 60s and 70s was being reworked and recorded by the likes of the Rolling Stones.

Selvidge, who recorded several successful albums with music of a similar background, chose a more intimate and studious approach to the music through his folksy singing, songwriting, guitar licks, and as a radio DJ.

In 1996, Selvidge helped found the Beale Street Caravan, which was "an internationally aired hour-long show filled with live recordings of blues performances from the Memphis area and beyond".

"He was able to really talk about blues music, and Memphis," said Pfizer. "The culture and present lots of people that went all over the world with the radio show. So, I think that that's probably the thing that people are gonna remember the most about him."

"It's just sort of a legacy of music that he was one of those major people who helped in the growth of the understanding of Memphis music," added Pfizer. "We're lucky that Sid was able to listen and care about the music and care about the musicians and take those musical traditions and those melodies and those songs that he learned to a broader generation of people."

In 2010, Selvidge was diagnosed with cancer. He fought the disease for two years and recovered long enough to make a final recording in September 2012, with one microphone and his son, Steve, on guitar.

"As a personal thing, I remember him more as this fabulous singer that sang, had a great voice, and communicated with his voice to many, many people," remembered Pfizer.

Sid Selvidge was 69 years old.

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