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Investigators look for digital trail in MAPCO hacking

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  • Mapco's credit/debit card systems hacked

    Mapco's credit/debit card systems hacked

    Tuesday, May 7 2013 1:45 AM EDT2013-05-07 05:45:39 GMT
    (WMC TV) - If you used a credit or debit card at any MAPCO store in the last two months, you better check your bank statements and pull your credit reports.MAPCO Express, Inc.'s corporate office in Brentwood,More >>
    Multiple security breaches in the last two months have compromised the customer credit and debit card databases of MAPCO stores in seven states.More >>

(WMC-TV) - Chief Consumer Investigator Andy Wise reported hacking at MAPCO gas stations Monday, and many viewers took action. The next step is how consumers can prevent this from happening.

MAPCO and the FBI's Joint Cyber Crime Task Force are both investigating. Experts said there is always a digital trail, and that it is possible to crack the case.

"It's very lucrative. I mean billions and billions and billions of dollars," said private investigator Andy Wilson. "That what they do for a living. They're out defrauding and persistently trying to attack our organizations, corporations, and quite frankly our government."

Andy Wise spread the word Monday when MAPCO became the latest victim. The company announced a corporate security breach across 11 days in March and April. It compromised sensitive customer card information in seven states, including Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Wilson is an expert in cracking down on fraud.

He said not using a credit or debit card is not practical. He suggests scrutinizing your bills, monitoring your accounts, limiting the number of cards consumers use, shredding receipts, and reporting any suspicious account activity immediately.

MAPCO said it strengthened its corporate security. The company broke down the breach all customers need to know on its website here.

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