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Missing girls' rescue gives mom of missing woman new hope

(WMC-TV) - Perhaps no one in Memphis is happier about the rescue in Cleveland than Deloris Clark-Burrow. Her daughter Felecia Lachell Clark disappeared in 1991.

The Memphis insurance agent is now talking about how the rescue of three missing women in Ohio, is giving her hope.

Felecia Lachell Clark was a 19-year old FedEx worker when she mysteriously disappeared on October 25, 1991. She left behind things like her clothes, check book, and glasses.

Her abandoned car was found two weeks later.

"I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I wouldn't wish any mother to go through this," said Clark-Burrow.

Deloris Clark-Burrow says she will never give up on finding her daughter.

"And all these years, I just refused to believe that I will never know anything," she said. "So in the Ohio case, yes, that has given me hope."

Clark-Burrow can show you a file of letters she has written to TV shows like Unsolved Mysteries, pleading for a story that would draw attention to her daughter's case.

The day Lachell-Clark disappeared, neighbors told police that she was seen sitting in her new Hyundai parked in her driveway talking with a young man.

Clark-Burrow is certain her daughter was abducted.

"To know that someone was so cruel to take my child away but there is a price that they must someday pay."

That is an excerpt from a book of poems Burrow-Clark wrote to encourage parents of other missing children.

The State Farm insurance agent also started up a website titled "Have You Seen Her?"

To learn more about Felecia Lachelle Clark and her disappearance, click here: http://www.delorisburrow.com/felicia.htm

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