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Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Failure & Redemption

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(WMC TV) - Three restaurants failed their health inspections, but redeemed themselves on their follow-up's.

Asian Palace, 5221 Summer Ave., failed inspection for the second time in six months with a 57 April 22:

"WD-40 stored with dishes"

"no sanitizer present in the dishwasher"

"employee washing hands in (dishwashing) sink"

"chicken (at unsafe temp)"

Asian Palace upgraded to an 80 on re-inspection May 7.

Dindie's Soul Food, 4375 Stage Rd., failed inspection April 23 with a 61:

"raw buffalo fish (at unsafe temp)"

"employee...applied gloves, never washed hands (wash hands before applying gloves)"

"no self-closure installed on exit door (insect risk)"

Dindie's Soul Food also earned an 80 on its May 7 follow-up.

Home Plate Caffe (Cafe) in Munford, TN, failed its April 9 inspection with one of the lowest scores on the Scorecard, a 54 (for that Scorecard, please click here).

May 1, an inspector confirmed it climbed to an 86.

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