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Cordova residents look to de-annex from City of Memphis

(WMC-TV) - Many Cordova homeowners say they are ready to secede from the City of Memphis.

Signs litter Walnut Grove Road, Sanga Road, and subdivisons throughout Cordova.  The signs indicate residents' support of de-annexing from the city.

"If we fight hard enough, we can," said Cordova resident Minnie Martin.

Minnie Martin and her husband George moved to Cordova from Chicago.  They do not like having to pay city and county taxes.

They say they moved because to them, Cordova was country living.

"We want to keep every nickel and dime we could in our pockets and not give it to the city cause the city got enough money, I hope. If not, that's not my fault," George Martin said.

"I want to de-annex because when I first purchased my home, it was not annexed but when I closed on it, it became annexed," added Minnie.

The proposed de-annexation lines run from Highway 70 on the west to Rocky Point Road on the east and from Wolf River Boulevard north to Highway 64.

Many residents have already started signing a petition, hoping to put the matter to a vote.  But, state election officials say otherwise.

Because there is no voter initiated referendum in the city, officials say these meetings and petitions are pointless.

"No one is telling us what church to go to, no one is telling us who to vote for, and no one should be telling us where we have to live," added Cordova resident Dr. Jane Hooker.

The city attorney's office tells Action News 5 the only way Cordova homeowners could de-annex would be with a three-quarters vote by city residents or a vote by the Memphis City Council.

To visit Facebook pages dedicated to the de-annexation efforts, visit the following links:

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