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Fallen tree creates 'money pit' of a problem for homeowner

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(WMC-TV) - A man who was once hit by an 18-wheeler and is now recovering from a series of heart attacks, is living a real-life version of the movie "The Money Pit".

A ceiling square is missing. The front room is empty. The hallway is just a concrete slab. And the mattresses are flipped.

"It's been chaotic," said Elijah Perry. "We've been sleeping on the floor."

Elijah Perry's water damage rooted in the neighbors tree and in August, a branch fell onto his roof.

He has insurance but because of a delay in the check, the roof did not get repaired before another January storm.

"We had a tarp on it. Once the storm came through, the wind took the tarp down the street. We haven't seen it since," said Perry.

Photographs show rain dripping into his home. Perry says he is in the midst of the bankruptcy process, which he feels has him stuck in between the insurance company, the mortgage company, and two contractors.

"When we call in they already know who they talking to because we done called so much," he said.

Perry has been on the phone with all of them hoping for a resolution, even if it is later rather than sooner.

"We've just been doing everything we can do to save our home," he said. "Our only thing is we just want our home repaired."

Should you ever find yourself with a tree on your roof, Perry suggests getting an attorney from the very start.

If you qualify financially, Memphis Area Legal Services is a fantastic non-profit that can help with situation like this.

Perry wishes that was advice given to him before it was too late.

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