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MPD database glitch releases personal information online

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(WMC-TV) - A major glitch in a Memphis Police Department database is leaving sensitive personal information available for anyone to find on the worldwide web.

A woman, who wished to keep her identity private, said a friend sent her text messages of screen grabs from a Google search of her information online. Also, it included names, addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers for her entire family.

"It has been chaos," she said. "My momma should've never been out there. I should've never been out there. My whole family should've never been out there."

If a user typed in specific terms, Google returned results pulled from police incident reports in the database.

"We had a glitch in our system," said MPD public information officer Karen Rudolph."We immediately shut down the system. Our officers aren't even utilizing it now. And, we're working on it to make sure that more security measures are taken."

The information is public records, which are available at a price at central records inside 201 Poplar.

Memphis police do not want any of it online.

MPD will not release how many were affected.

They sent a list to the credit bureau. Also, MPD is working with Google to clear the information from the web.

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