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Grandmother's love, faith saves Mid-South woman

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(WMC-TV) - Latasha Peeples calls her grandmother Mama because she's basically the only mother she's ever known.

This relationship started back in 1983 when Peeples' biological mother got into some trouble in Phoenix and Mitchell traveled hundreds of miles to go get the 7-week-old.

"She didn't hesitate, she got on the bus and came and got me and ever since we've been living in Memphis," Peeples said.

But life in Memphis had a rocky start.

Money was tight. Peeples still has pictures of the one room motel they lived in for many years.

"I mean... we was next door to drug dealers, prostitutes, you name it -- so we wasn't in the best of neighborhoods. But my grandmother got out there, she ministered to people..."

They also slept in their car.

Peeples says her grandmother's faith is what's guided them through life.

"I accepted what I had to do," Mitchell said. "And God started blessing. We was going to church and doing things together -- basically, when you saw me, you saw her.."

Mitchell obtained legal custody of Latasha and can tell you all about her daughter's successes -- from elementary to high school to college.

However, a stroke Mitchell suffered back in October changed things. Now it's up to Peeples to take care of her mother.

"Like I told her, 'By blood you are my grandmother.' But in my heart, she is definitely my mother, because without her I would not know where I will be at today."

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