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West Nile Virus confirmed in Mid-South

(WMC-TV) - Standing water is not all that is left behind after the recent rain showers around the Mid-South. As a result of that standing water, we also have mosquitoes.

Whenever it rains, water gets trapped in places like birdbaths and old tires. The first thing you can do to get rid of mosquitoes is eliminate standing water.

"Anything that holds water for seven days or more will breed mosquitoes," said Stoy Hedges, Terminix entomologist.

Hedges says the Shelby County Health Department already confirmed several cases of mosquitoes coming in contact with birds carrying the West Nile Virus.

"The birds are carrying the virus. Mosquitoes feed on both birds and humans, so their the vector that transmits from birds to people," explained Hedges.

To reduce the threat, Hedges says you must kill off or repel mosquitoes.

There are a several ways you can get rid of the bugs. Some hang in your yard like lanterns, while other devices can be worn on your belt.

For heavy duty jobs, there are even large misting units designed to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.

"There are daytime biters and there night time biters," added Hedges. "Different species bite at different times."

Hedges says historically cases of West Nile Virus do not pup up in the Mid-South until around August or September.

This year, mosquitoes seem to be out in force early and he is encouraging everyone to be prepared.

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