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Ticket sticker shock keeps some Grizzlies fans on the couch

(WMC-TV) - Timothy Pollard and his family started waiting in line for Grizzlies tickets at five Saturday morning.

"10 of us, a bunch of us with sandwiches and food because we had already made a plan that we were going to go to our first Playoffs game together, as a family."

But he was dismayed after talking with other fans.

"We realized they were talking about $45 a ticket instead of $5 a ticket for the nosebleed seats."

So the Pollards left.

"If we pay $45 per ticket for 10 people, that's a few hundred bucks."

John Pugliese of the Memphis Grizzlies explained only season tickets are one steady price.

"If you're a season ticket holder and you bought it for $5 a game, you're still paying $5 a game, as a season ticket holder."

Pollard also questioned Memphis prices versus San Antonio prices.

"In San Antonio, their $5 tickets are just $10 more -- which is 15 bucks."

On Ticketmaster, single-game San Antonio tickets began at $75 each.

"We're in the middle of the pack and we try to give our season ticket holders the best value," Pugliese said.

Secondary sellers such as StubHub can be misleading, Pugliese said.

"A lot of people take what they see on StubHub as the ticket price and that's not always the case."

As it stands, Pollard says his family will still root on the Grizz, but from his living room.

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