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Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest results

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Grand Champions
Sweet Swine O'Mine Championship BBQ Team

Whole Hog
1st Place: The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint
2nd Place: Yazoo's Delta Q
3rd Place: Carolina Traveler

1st Place: Sweet Swine O'Mine
2nd Place: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
3rd Place: Rebel Roaster Revue

1st Place: High Life On The Hog
2nd Place: LVOB
3rd Place: Adribbers

Hot Wings 
1st Place: Smoking Razorbacks 
2nd Place: Prime Time BBQ 
3rd Place: Suspicious Rinds

Patio Porkers 
1st Place: Southaven Meathogs 
2nd Place: Squeal Street BBQ 
3rd Place: The Count Bastie Porkestra
4th Place: 4UWEQUE

Kingsford Tour of Champions 
1st Place: Red Hot Smokers 
2nd Place: People's Republic of Swina 
3rd Place: Swine & Dine

Vinegar Sauce
1st Place: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que
2nd Place: Boardellos BBQ Team
3rd Place: The Pig Diamonds

Mustard Sauce
1st Place: Sicilian Smokers
2nd Place: Slab Techs
3rd Place: Whole Hog Cafe

Tomato Sauce
1st Place: Mac's Smoke Shop
2nd Place: ASAP
3rd Place: Right On Q

1st Place: Smoker's Anonymous
2nd Place: The Danish National BBQ Team
3rd Place: Black Pig BBQ

1st Place: Pork Que
2nd Place: Silky O'Sullivan's
3rd Place: Brown Chicken Brown Cow

1st Place- The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint
2nd Place- Natural Born Grillers
3rd Place- The Count Bastie Orchestra

1st Place: Fireman John's BBQ,
2nd Place: Black Pig BBQ
3rd Place: Barn Stormers BBQ

Piggy Idol
1st Place- Chi Town Cookers
2nd Place- The SWINOS
3rd Place- Voo Doo Q

Best T-Shirt
1st Place- Transporkers
2nd Place- Pork 'O' Saurus BBQ Team
3rd Place- Bryce Boar Blazers

Best Booth
1st Place: The Moody Ques
2nd Place: All Star Ten Pin Porkers
3rd Place: Performance Smokers
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