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Man who lost legs in accident thanks community for support

(WMC-TV) - The man who lost both of his legs when he was hit by a car while changing a tire is expected to go home Wednesday.

It has been a few weeks since we introduced you to 28-year-old Michael Owens. He was injured in a crash in March. Since then, he has been recovering at the hospital, but thanks to your support, he will be welcomed home with a lot more support.

"Just to be able to get back into the world like it's gonna be crazy," said Michael, who is just one day away from heading home after nearly two months of recovery.

"You take standing still for granted, for real," he said.

We first heard from Owens two weeks ago, from the hospital where he was learning to walk again. But while he was there, you helped him, too.

"Just seeing what God can do. Just unwrapping blessings, people that haven't touching my shoulder, that haven't seen me in person. It means a lot and that's what I mean by just seeing Jesus in everybody," he said.

First, Action News 5 viewers donated thousands of dollars to his medical fund. He does not have insurance and will have to pay for his bills out of pocket.

Next, viewers came forward with time and resources, donating and building a ramp outside of his father's home, widening doorways and remodeling the bathroom to prepare for Michael's arrival.

"I would have been happy with a balloon, but to have people take their personal schedules and they money they work for... I'm the one to know that don't nobody owe you anything," he said.

Michael says all of your prayers and support have been felt from the hospital, but so has the support of the staff at the Rehabilitation Hospital at The MED.

Every day, they push him to new levels as he learns how to do something most of us take for granted.

"They push you hard but at the same time if your hurting, they console that," said Michael.

And he, too, is seeing progress. He is taking steps each day, toward the ultimate goal of walking again.

But whether he knows it or not, Michael Owens is an inspiration to so many.

"They look at my situation like, 'That guy is strong.' But if it was up to me I wouldn't be in it. So, that's the chapter Jesus wrote for me but he knew he would be here the whole time," said Michael.

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